Terms and Conditions




RENTAL PERIOD                                                                                                                               Our cabins and apartments are rented with a minimum period of two nights throughout the year. MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PERSONS The maximum number of persons indicated in our website in the cabins or apartment may be exceeded, but only after written permission. Unauthorized exceding the maximum number of persons may lead to termination of the lease, removal of the tenants in the apartment, or to increase the rent.

COMPLAINTS                                                                                                                                      No compensation will be granted due to the decay of holiday joy. For minor complaints regarding the rented cabin or apartment you can contact us on the spot. We will do everything possible to resolve the complaint in the shortest possible term. TERMINATION OF THE LEASE Without intervention of the court is Nordify entitled to terminate if the tenant does not comply with the lease agreement, the agreed payment terms and provisions of these terms and conditions. In both cases, the tenant subject to the total amount owed to Nordify.


Nordify accepts no liability for any damage the tenant or his own experience as a result of his stay in the rented accommodation or for nuisance situations outside the rented. The tenant is responsible for the rented, caused by failure to follow the instructions of the landlord.

CHANGES For interim changes in for example rent or amenities of the cabins and the apartment is the information given on our site decisive. So never go only on the information in our brochure but always check the information on our site. 

PETS                                                                                                                                                            Due to the often large gardens and / or nature in the immediate vicinity there is enough space for a pet. In connection with wild and stray cattle in the woods, you need however to keep the animal. Control dogs must be off-site in Norway always leash.


Concidering the remoteness of the cabins in mountainous terrain they can in extreme circumstances like heavy snow, rain, avalanche or meltingwater temporaly be unattainable. These are beyond ones controll and we take no responsibility for the nuisance.

RENT AND PAYMENT The rent is paid in two parts:

50% of the rent as a deposit shortly after your booking. (within 14 days)

By paying the first part of the rent you accept these terms

50% on your arrival at Nordify or prior by bank.


In case of forced cancellation you are required to notify us within 3 days after the occurrence of the cause of cancellation via email effekappe@gmail.com The cancellation is effective only if you receive a written email confirmation of your cancellation from us. The date we receive your cancellation is the cancellation date.

CANCELLATION ONLY VALID EMAIL AFTER CONFIRMATION Pay close attention to your mailbox after your cancellation and make sure you receive a confirmation of your cancellation from us. Email is not 100% reliable and it can happen that we have not received your cancellation email and therefore do not respond. Again please contact us, for instance by phone. 0047 45468253


with a minimum of € 75 per booking: – For 9 weeks before: 30% of the rent – 9 to 6 weeks before: 50% of the rent – 6 to 4 weeks before: 70% of the rent – Within 4 weeks before: 100% of the rent

NO SHOW AND EARLY DEPARTURE When the tenant on the first or second day of the rented periode without prior notice fails to report at the address indicated or leaves early without making the final payment, we are entitled to charge the tenant the full rental amount.

PART OF A CANCELLATION OF A BOOKED PERIOD It is in principle not possible to cancel part of a booked period because of practical difficulties for the landlord. In such situations, you need to contact us as soon as possible and we will try to find a solution.